won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth

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is it just me or do i sense a little rose/ten in this song?


Long long time ago
You and I put on a show
Then we ran it in the ground
You said it’s not enough
Don’t want a broken love
You were nowhere to be found
Even after something’s got to hold on

Did any of me stick at all?
Was it really no one’s fault?
Can you hear me singing through the walls
That we used to lean on?
There’s a part of you that stays with me
Someone else gets to know
Did any of me stick at all?
Did any of me ever stick at all?

I’ve got somebody new
He dances just like you
It makes me wonder how you are
I can’t hide the memory
The memory of you and me
When we went kissing in the dark
I’m always after something that won’t hold on


We are the road untaken
The moon that’s fading
If it means that you and me we got to break it
Well I’m done faking
But I need to know
Do you remember who I am?

Did any of me stick?
Did any of me stick?



Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude.

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I just made a brand new friend immediately after sitting down for coffee. <3 Thanks for making my day so great!

All those reblogs and likes are noticed and appreciated, boo. <3 You’re the best.


when i forget to log into ao3 and i have to click proceed to see an adult fic, i actually get a kick out of it. like i am an old timey queen and my bard is apologetic: “gentle lady, dicks doth touch in this next ballad. would you prefer another?” and i give him a gesture of command like, “nay, you may proceed, minstrel. bring forth the tale of dicks”

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Yay! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! <33333

Thank you, Alex! You are definitely one of those tumbuddies I mentioned. Haha. <3



every year after you turn 17 you get further away from being the age of the dancing queen and that’s my least favorite thing about growing up

ah but when you turn 34 you’re two dancing queens and thus having twice the time of your life. and at 51 you become the dancing triumvirate and three golden crowns are forged in your honor

lots to look forward to

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#JestoElopes [or jessto? idk combine jess+christo. chress doesn’t work as well imo]

yeah, I’d have to agree. Jesto is interesting… haha. I’ll keep it on the list.

I also don’t particularly like our initials… JC…. CJ…. both remind me of boy band members. Lol.

Actually, my grandmother’s first and last initials are CJ though… and my grandpa’s motorcycle plate # was CJRED because that is her favorite color…. 

Could I get away with CJWed? Maybe? 

Idk. Still open for suggestions.